A human resources manager is responsible for the general management and development of a company’s employment structure. The human resources manager is generally tasked with improving the employment satisfaction rate among the company’s employees and ensuring that everyone is treated equally and employees are justfully evaluated for their contributions to the company, in order to determine who’s eligible for better payment. Depending on the size of the company, the HR manager may either be responsible for the management of its entire staff, or just particular sectors.

The basic requirement for becoming a human resources manager is a Bachelor’s degree in a suitable field, typically related to management or business administration in some way. A friendly personality and the ability to listen and evaluate problems coherently are important for a good human resources manager; additionally, one must be able to properly grade the company’s employees without under- or overestimating their progress too much.

The human resources manager is the highest-paid position in the human resources department of any company, typically securing an annual salary of $43,000 – $78,000. The job doesn’t have that many demands related to it and can mostly be accomplished by offloading work to assistants and generalists, though it can become very hectic in crunch periods when a lot of work needs to be done in a short amount of time – however, in those cases the manager would typically be compensated extra for their efforts and will score a noticeably higher salary, further making it an attractive position.