An insurance manager works for an insurance agency, primarily tasked with organizing the fund flow and ensuring that the company is utilizing its resources as efficiently as possible. Some of the duties related to the job of an insurance manager include acquiring new funding, and figuring out ways to utilize the current flow of funds to pay off the various sums the company owes to its clients. In some cases the insurance manager would personally go through some of the claims made towards the company and evaluate the company’s insurance policies to ensure they’re as beneficial as possible to both the company and its clients.

Even though most companies are willing to hire insurance managers without a higher degree of education than a high school diploma, showing the willingness to progress in one’s studies can definitely be of benefit when trying to find employment in the field. Additionally, displaying some personal traits like an organized nature and the ability to handle problems coherently, can be very important as well.

An insurance manager has a very high earning potential, even compared to management positions in general. The average annual salary can range between $86,000 – $112,000, and even though the job has periods where it’s greatly demanding, it also features attractive bonuses to appropriately compensate the manager for those periods of extra effort. Additionally, being a management position, most of the job’s details (such as working hours) are negotiable by the manager, so the job can be regarded as a very flexible one as well.