The IT manager for a company is the person in charge of that company’s informational infrastructure, responsible for developing and securing it in accordance with the latest trends in the industry. The job can encompass a variety of duties, from installing and replacing hardware, to assisting employees from other departments in problems related to the IT network of the company. Security and efficiency are often at the top of the priorities list for an IT manager, and the job can be very demanding in companies whose operations are based around a stable IT network.

Becoming an IT manager requires a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to computers, computer science or communications in most cases – though some more renowned companies may require a Master’s degree instead. A degree in management, while useful, isn’t that much of a guarantee for getting the job, as the primary value of an IT manager lies in their knowledge in informational technology, while their management skills could be sacrificed to a degree.

IT managers earn very well, which is on par with the majority of other jobs in the IT industry as a whole. The annual salary ranges between $56,000 – $102,000, and the job often has some flexible working hours and other conditions. However, it does come with some disadvantages, such as heavy workloads in some periods, and a high complication of the work when some problems arise. Still, a competent IT manager can handle most situations with ease.