Logistics managers work for logistics and transport companies, and provide a general management service of the company’s operations. The job of a logistics manager is to ensure that all the transportation goes as smoothly as possible and all the schedules are adhered to. In cases of delays or extraordinary arrivals, the logistics manager must accommodate accordingly and shift the schedule while having a minimal impact on future operations. Furthermore, logistics managers are often required to coordinate the different members of a logistic company’s team.

To become a logistics manager, a degree in management or a related field can greatly benefit a candidate. However, some personal skills and assets are arguably more valuable for getting the job – this includes critical thinking, good decision-making, as well as the ability to implement creative solutions to complicated problems. Logistics managers are sometimes required to take important decisions that can affect the schedule of the company for days.

As a logistics manager, one can expect to earn around $76,000 a year on average. This was the median figure for 2009, and the job tends to earn quite well in most cases, especially with regards to the effort required to perform the job properly. Additionally, it offers good bonuses and extra benefits, which further makes it an attractive choice for many people. The job does have quite a competitive market though, and getting hired on such a position may take a lot more effort than other management positions, which can somewhat degrade its popularity in some cases.