The manager of student affairs is the head of the student affairs department at a college or university. Their job is to ensure that the department runs smoothly and that all the students are taken care of appropriately, meeting their demands wherever possible. The student affairs department typically deals with issues such as enrollment and application, grading, as well as the general studying process. The manager of the department may sometimes be summoned to assist students in some more complicated manners, and is additionally responsible for the employees of the department.

Getting hired as a manager of student affairs typically requires prior working experience at the same university or college, though not necessarily in the student affairs department. The reason behind this is to ensure that candidates are familiar with the system used in that particular institution, so that they can better manage it and improve its services. In most cases, a degree in management or a related field can help a candidate but isn’t a strict requirement in any way.

As a manager of student affairs, one can earn a salary of around $61,000 – $81,000 in most cases. The salary will always be higher than those of the rest of the student affairs department’s employees, and the working hours associated with the job are also traditionally more flexible and better structured. However, managers of student affairs may sometimes have to undergo extremely hectic working days, especially during the enrollment period.