The job of a manager is to govern some establishment or organization, which can include anything from particular services within that organization, to the management of employees and the organization as a whole. A manager’s duties can differ greatly from one place to another, but in general, it’s up to the manager to develop the company’s assets and improve it – for example, for a company which sells some form of product, a manager would be expected to do everything in their power to develop that product further and improve its popularity. On the other hand, the employee manager can be tasked with a smaller set of the company’s assets, the employees.

Becoming a manager can be different depending on the company – in some cases, it requires a Bachelor’s degree in either management, finances, or a related field. In some other cases, it can be attained by simply building credit within the company and climbing up the career ladder, eventually being promoted to manager due to the accumulated experience. In all cases, it requires a high degree of attentiveness, and the ability to make critical decisions on short notice.

A manager’s salary can vary quite a lot depending on the particular company involved, but will always be high, and higher than the salaries of most of the company’s employees. In general, the salary of a manager is usually between $53,000 – $108,000, and some high-ranking companies tend to pay their managers even higher than that, going well above the market average – which are usually positions sought after by the more experienced managers.