A medical manager is the manager responsible for the maintenance and organization of a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or clinic. The duties of a medical manager include the management of finances, employees and facilities of the healthcare establishment, and in some cases some additional duties as well (such as actually taking part in the patient treatment process). Medical managers may choose to specialize in a particular area of the hospital’s organization (such as the finances), and this is especially common in large-scaled hospitals.

Becoming a medical manager is more demanding than getting a job as a manager in other types of companies in general. Candidates typically require a Bachelor’s degree in a tight variety of courses, and additionally a special license which is issued by the state, allowing them to practice the job. The education process is sometimes harsh but afterwards getting a job as a medical manager is usually easy due to the regularly high demand for the position in general.

The average salary for a medical manager isn’t higher than in most other managing positions – typically, it falls in the $45,000 – $76,000 range. The main factor which influences the salary of a medical manager is the rank of the hospital that employs them, as well as their years of practice in a management position in general. In some cases, the salary could go higher, thanks to some very attractive bonus programs frequently associated with the job of a medical manager.