The merchandise manager at a store is responsible for the general management process related to that store’s merchandise. This typically involves scouting the market and picking the best deals offered at the moment, and arranging discounts and various other deals that could benefit the company that employs the manager. Additionally, the merchandise manager is tasked with the proper marketing of that merchandise after it has been purchased, which includes picking appropriate, noticeable spots within the store and setting up good prices.

A Bachelor’s degree is required to become a merchandise manager in most cases – the types of degrees accepted include marketing, business, economics and a few others related to those. A good trader’s sense is required to be efficient as a merchandise manager, as well as good overall knowledge of the market that one would be working in. Additionally, a good merchandise manager should have solid connections within the market to ensure he/she can secure good deals for the company.

The merchandise manager at a store can earn anywhere between $31,000 – $68,000 in most cases. The large gap comes from the significant differences in the specifics of the job from store to store – in some cases, there’s a large inventory that needs to be managed which creates a heavy workload for the merchandise manager. On the other hand, some other stores have their business more easy-going and the job is smoother for the merchandise manager in general. The number of employees under one’s supervision can also play a role.