A motel manager is the head of a motel. Their job is to ensure that the establishment operates properly, and all the guests are properly cared for and are satisfied at all times. The manager would typically do this by overseeing the staff’s work, ensuring every facility associated with the motel’s operations is running smoothly, and greeting the more important and valued guests personally. The manager of a motel will also have to resolve the various disputes and issues that can arise in the course of the motel’s operation.

Becoming a motel manager may require a Bachelor’s degree in management, tourism or a similar field, though it’s not typically required in smaller establishments. Larger, more renowned motels may require some educational qualifications from their candidates though, so one must generally do their best to research the job market in their area in order to find out the specific local requirements attached to the position.

As a motel manager, one can expect a salary of between $35,000 – $78,000. There’s quite a large gap between the two ends, and it comes from the huge difference in motels around the world – in some cases, the manager earns very well because the establishment is a high-ranking one that can secure a good income; in some other cases, the manager actually earns quite little with regards to the amount of work they have to put in, and the job can become very unrewarding in cases like these.