Office managers work in offices, providing management services for that office’s staff and services. The job of an office manager is mostly similar from company to company, with little to no regard for the company’s particular field of operations. It’s important to note that office managers may sometimes have very limited duties, with the majority of operations around the office being performed by managers in other departments. Still, it’s a popular choice among those after a management career because of some of its perks.

Getting a job as an office manager is similar to most other management positions, and requires a degree in management. A Bachelor’s degree is a good start, but some companies may require a Master’s degree from their candidates when the job involves a more high-ranking position with better payment and other attractive factors. Previous employment at the same office isn’t usually required, though it can be of great benefit to candidates as it helps them be familiar with the office’s structure and environment.

The salary of an office manager is surprisingly low for a management position – it ranges between $28,000 – $49,000 in most cases, and doesn’t have many of the attractive bonuses and perks common for other management positions. Part of the reason behind this low salary lies in the responsibilities of an office manager, many of which are frequently offset by their staff to some extent (in some cases even almost completely).