The operations manager at a company or business is responsible for the general management of that company’s operations – that is, working with their fund streams, clients and services and coordinating all the sectors of that company’s operations to ensure a smooth business for the company in general. Operations managers are usually especially concerned with the profitability of the company’s products, as well as their availability to the general public (so that the public’s opinions can be gauged more effectively).

Getting hired as an operations manager takes a degree in management in most cases – a Bachelor’s may be enough for many companies, but progressing in the job or getting directly hired at a more renowned company may require as much as a Master’s degree from candidates and can be additionally demanding due to a variety of factors. In general, operations managers enjoy good employment and flexible working conditions, making the job a very attractive one.

The earning potential of an operations manager is quite good – with an average annual salary of between $43,000 – $80,000, the job can be a very good and stable source of income which doesn’t have heavy demands on the employee’s efforts, either. On the other hand, some have reported getting exhausted out of sheer boredom when companies are going through slower periods, which isn’t as uncommon as most would think, and is a factor that should actually be considered seriously when looking for employment as an operations manager.