Product managers are hired by companies to develop their products in the most basic way possible – planning the strategy for a product’s development, allocating resources for it, as well as working with the various additional parties that would have to be involved in that development. A product manager is also responsible for a product’s success to some extent, though how much exactly depends on the company that employs them and the type of product they’re hired to work on in particular.

A Bachelor’s degree is required to get a job as a product manager in most cases, though the accepted range of educational courses is quite broad – people from all kinds of backgrounds can get a job as a production manager in most cases. The job requires quite a few personal skills as well – apart from quick critical thinking, it also requires good planning abilities and in general a good sense of strategy from those who practice it. A good product manager must be able to handle several products without much hassle as well.

Product managers earn moderately well for the effort they’re required to put in the job – the standard salary for one is between $55,000 – $100,000, and in some cases it can be even higher than that. Product managers tend to directly benefit from the success of products released under their supervision as well, which can make the job an even better-paying one depending on the circumstances (and certainly one that rewards any extra effort that’s been put in).