A project manager is the main authority behind the execution of a project for any company. The job duties of a project manager involve hiring new employees to work on the project and managing the current ones, as well as allocating the resources needed for the project’s operation. Additionally, project managers may be tasked with some more specific jobs related to the project, which differ greatly from company to company. The project manager is also directly responsible for the performance of the product released under their project.

Becoming a project manager takes a degree in management in most cases, though not every company has it as a strict requirement – in some cases, all it takes to get hired on the position can be good knowledge of the company’s operations, as well as a decisive personality and the ability to make critical decisions on short notice. A good project manager must be able to make sacrifices for the project whenever that means securing some advantage for it in the long run.

As a project manager, a person can earn between $85,000 – $120,000 a year. The job is a relatively high-paying one with regards to the effort required to invest, and many people see it as a highly attractive career choice and actually one of the most appropriate paths for them. On the other hand, the job usually has rather inflexible working hours and other conditions which can take away from its luster – but it still retains the high salary which is the most important factor in the end.