A promotions manager works at the marketing department of a company and is responsible for the organization and management of the various promotional events run by that company. Promotions managers do their jobs by organizing the company’s advertising campaigns, collecting appropriate materials and hiring people to work on the projects, and performing other tasks relevant to the job. Promotions managers usually work closely with the company’s research departments which are tasked with determining the public’s opinions in order to better shape the company’s services to their needs.

Becoming a promotions manager usually takes a Bachelor’s degree in management, and the job may additionally require previous working experience in the same company. A good promotions manager must have strong critical thinking as well as analytical abilities, and be able to work with large sets of data simultaneously when they’re involved in a more complicated project that requires more dedicated thinking. Promotions managers can also benefit from having some creativity.

The job of a promotions manager is a relatively well-paying one – the most common salary is in the $35,000 – $65,000 range, and the job usually has good working hours and other conditions attached to it which can help make it a very attractive choice of career for many people. Furthermore, promotions managers tend to enjoy attractive benefits from their jobs, and the bonuses that come with it are not to be ignored as well.