A property manager is a professional who is familiar with the real estate market, and provides their knowledge and services to people looking to buy or sell some property. The job of a property manager is to ensure their clients get the best deals available to them on their purchase, as well as to secure better prospects for them in the future (whenever applicable). Whenever a conflict arises in the negotiation or purchase of the property, it’s the responsibility of the property manager to resolve that conflict in order to enable the deal to continue normally.

To become a property manager, a candidate would need a degree in real estate, finances, management or a related field – whether it’s a Bachelor’s or Master’s that’s required depends entirely on the company and the current state of the market. The job of a property manager can be highly demanding at times, especially in the busier seasons, and it can be highly stressful as well, due to the responsibilities that fall on the property manager.

Property managers, similarly to most other positions related to management, earn very well – a salary of between $64,000 – $95,000 is the most common one for this position. The job has other attractive factors about it as well, such as good working hours and high bonuses that come frequently to those who practice the job with enough dedication. All in all, it can be seen as one of the most attractive choices in the management field, provided one has the qualifications for it.