A public relations (PR) manager is the main responsible authority in a company’s PR department, organizing and supervising that department’s employees and helping them improve their performance in their jobs. The specific duties of a PR manager include developing the company’s public image by any means necessary, arranging for public events that are designed to help improve that image, as well as manage sources of bad reputation and diminish them as best as possible.

Becoming a PR manager isn’t easy, and it usually requires a high degree of education in order to get hired on the position. A Bachelor’s is rarely enough, and most companies require a Master’s degree from their candidates. Additionally, PR managers must have a very well-adjusted personality, and be able to easily shift their model of operation in order to better suit the company’s needs and develop it better. In some cases, PR managers may have to work closely with the managers of other departments in order to boost their productivity.

Working as a public relations manager can earn a salary of between $42,000 – $65,000. The precise size of the salary is mostly determined by the place of employment, as some companies are ready to pay significantly more to their PR managers than others. Plus, it can also be affected by the candidate’s experience, as those who’ve got a longer line of working experience behind them usually find it significantly easier to get a job as a PR manager for more reputed employers.