A QA (Quality Assurance) manager is responsible for the management of the employees and general structure behind a company’s QA sector. The job involves a variety of duties – the QA manager must hire new employees and manage the current ones, as well as provide additional assistance and assurance on projects that require it. The QA manager must also handle any problems that may arise with customers related to the product, in cases when these problems are directly related to failure in the QA department.

Becoming a QA manager takes a degree in management as well as a lot of experience and knowledge related to the QA process for the product the company they’re trying to get hired at produces. Typically, a QA manager would require at least 5 years of experience in the industry, and a decent number of renowned companies that have hired them in the past. Good QA managers are often required to take critical decisions on short notice, which can impact the performance of the entire QA department, making experience a key factor in the QA manager’s assets.

QA managers have a very good earning potential – with a salary of between $70,000 – $105,000 in most cases, the job offers a lot of potential for realization to those who practice it, and plenty of opportunity for further career development. Additionally, its working hours can be very flexible, and QA managers tend to enjoy good, attractive bonuses from the job as well. All of these factors attribute to its incredible popularity.