A real estate manager is responsible for the operation of various real estate properties, both residential as well as commercial – this includes anything from office buildings to houses and apartments, as well as small and large stores. A real estate manager is employed directly by the owner of the property, and performs a number of tasks related to that property’s operation, primarily providing a day-to-day supervision as well as management services. Real estate managers must also coordinate the various services employed by the property.

A Bachelor’s degree in real estate, business, finances or economics is required to get a job as a real estate manager, though various other fields are accepted too and in general the requirements behind the job aren’t that harsh. Real estate managers with proper educational qualifications can typically find jobs very easily, as the market is very welcoming to their profession and the level of competition isn’t high enough to prevent good employment.

The average annual salary of a real estate manager is usually between $90,000 – $105,000, and the job is seen as a very highly paid one in general. Real estate managers also enjoy a steady flow of work due to the saturated nature of the market, and a good real estate manager shouldn’t find it difficult to make their working period a productive and beneficial one for the property being managed by the manager. A good real estate manager would also have good prospects for further career development.