The manager at a restaurant is the main figure of authority, providing all the upper-level services and functions related to the operation of that restaurant. This includes hiring new employees, managing the current staff and providing them with extra training when it’s required. Additionally, restaurant managers must keep improving the service offered by the restaurant by improving its inventory and the quality of its staff, as well as the quality of the menu presented to the clients.

Restaurant managers usually climb to their positions without any higher education than a high school diploma – the job usually only requires experience in the cooking business and knowledge of the operations of the particular restaurant the candidate wishes to get employed at – apart from that, the job isn’t difficult to obtain and the market isn’t very saturated. A good restaurant manager must be able to find good services for their restaurant which come at good costs, in order to be able to devise a stable business strategy for that restaurant.

A restaurant manager’s salary would commonly lie in the $30,000 – $46,000 range, and the job is seen as a well-paying one by most of those who practice it, due to the relative ease of the job itself and the good opportunities for developing one’s career, given the right amount of dedication to the job. A good restaurant manager can easily earn well above the market average if their restaurant’s performance is above average as well.