A retail manager is the primary figure of authority within a retail store’s hierarchy. Typically, the retail manager’s job duties include developing the business of the retail store, hiring new employees and managing the current ones, coordinating with the distributors of different products and the delivery personnel, as well as providing customers with a high-level assistance whenever it’s needed. Additionally, retail managers need to perform regular check-ups around the store to ensure its smooth and proper operation.

The job of a retail manager comes with some heavy requirements attached to it – they may either be in the form of long working experience, or good educational qualifications. In either case, a candidate must have excellent knowledge of that store’s particular operations, as well as the retail system in general – and be able to provide a good service to the customers of the retail store to ensure their satisfaction. A retail manager must also have a good business sense, in order to help develop the company properly.

The average annual salary for retail managers is between $30,000 – $53,000, and the job has good opportunities for further development, similarly to most other management positions – the precise size of one’s salary depends solely on their performance and the performance of the retail store under their supervision, so successful retail managers are understandably able to earn higher salaries and perform better in the market in general.