The job of a sales manager is one of the most common and popular occupations in the commercial sector, being the main figure in authority responsible for a company’s sales operations. Sales managers are tasked with overseeing the company’s sales, figuring out ways to boost productivity and lower costs without affecting performance in any way. The sales manager is usually also tasked with handling the employees in the company’s sales department, giving instructions to newcomers and firing those who’re not performing up to expectations.

Becoming a sales manager can be easy or difficult depending on the company. Some companies will outright refuse to hire anyone without a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as economics, business, management or a related field, while other companies are willing to hire candidates based just on their prior working experience in the company’s sales department and their intricate knowledge of that company’s sales operations. Sales managers usually have good prospects for career development.

Sales managers, like most other people in a managing position, have a high earning potential, with salaries typically spanning between $86,000 – $119,000. The job offers great prospects for developing one’s career to their fullest potential, and an additional perk associated with it are the good bonuses and benefits available. Furthermore, sales managers tend to have flexible working hours, adding even more to its appeal. The job can be somewhat demanding in some cases, however, and sales managers tend to experience heavy workloads in some situation.