A social media manager is employed by any company which has a presence in the social media world – this includes any social websites and services, as well as television, radio, newspapers, etc. The job of a social media manager is to ensure the company is utilizing its full potential in that field, allocating all resources necessary to make their name known in the social media field. Social media managers typically oversee the work of employees who’re tasked with handling a particular area of the social media sphere.

The job of a social media manager can be obtained without a high educational degree, making it somewhat unique in the area of management jobs. However, having a Bachelor’s degree in business, finances or a related field can certainly benefit a candidate to a great extent, but still, many companies are willing to hire candidates to the position based just on their experience and knowledge of the social media world and how to properly manipulate and operate it in order to secure profits.

Social media managers earn well by most standards, but not that much compared to other managing positions – the most common salary for the job is $31,000 – $55,000, and the additional bonuses and benefits attached to it don’t usually add up to a lot, so the job’s earning ceiling is rather low. On the other hand, it still carries some of the common benefits of a managing position, like flexible working hours and good prospects for career development, which still serves to drive up its popularity to a satisfying degree.