Training managers work at training facilities, like gyms and sports salons, where they oversee the work of training specialists, and provide a managing function to their jobs. A training manager is typically responsible for hiring new trainers and educating them on their jobs properly, maintaining the current trainers in a well-experienced and alert condition, and taking care of the training facilities as necessary. Additionally, the training manager is commonly required to resolve issues in the training salon as they arise.

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Getting to be a training manager typically begins by working as a regular trainer at the same facility for some time, though some training managers are also able to obtain their jobs directly without having worked at the same place before – simply by having built up sufficient experience elsewhere. A good training manager must be experienced in all matters related to physical training, and knowledgeable enough to maintain their employees properly.

Training managers are rewarded highly for their jobs in most cases. The most common salary for one is between $75,000 – $100,000, and the job usually comes with various additional benefits and bonuses, further making it an attractive choice money-wise. It has some good perks attached as well, and all in all it can be the perfect choice of career for those interested in training with a knack for management. The flexibility of its working hours gives good opportunities to schedule, too.