An advertising sales agent basically sells advertising services to clients. Also known as advertising account executives or advertising sales representatives, advertising sales agents serve as the bridge between an advertising agency and the client. Their job duties include obtaining new clients, working with various advertising departments to develop advertising campaigns, researching for an advertising campaign, determining the target market, knowing the client’s needs and goals, preparing a budget for an advertising campaign, ensuring the advertising campaign’s schedule, selling advertising for television stations, periodicals, newspapers, radio stations, direct mail and outdoor advertisers, and web sites, and soliciting advertising from national advertisers.

An aspiring advertising sales agent must be good with people and have a good dose of creativity and passion for selling. In terms of education, some companies are willing to hire those with only a high school diploma but other employers prefer candidates that have earned a college degree, especially for jobs that include meeting clients. Relevant courses to the vocation include marketing, advertising, communication, leadership and business courses. Those who have proven their selling abilities are often hired or promoted even if they haven’t met certain educational requirements. Further training is usually provided on the job.

In 2008, the average annual earning of advertising sales agents was $43,480. That included commissions. The highest paid ones earned more than $93,600. Most employers provide a certain combination when paying their agents. The better performance of an agent, the higher his earning because of performance based pay, commissions and bonuses.