A market survey researcher is a type of market researcher who focuses on using surveys to gather their data and compile their analysis. The job of a market survey researcher is to deploy surveys and quizzes through a variety of means, making sure they reach a large number of the company’s userbase. Afterwards, the researcher needs to collect the data from the surveys and perform various analysis procedures on it in order to compile it in an accessible manner that can be used for marketing purposes – e.g. increasing the company’s sales or boosting the product’s popularity in general.

Getting a job as a market survey researcher in most cases takes at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, economics, finances, or a related field. Prior working experience in marketing can definitely benefit candidates, especially in some cases, but isn’t generally a requirement and most companies are willing to overlook lack of experience for candidates with sufficient educational qualifications.

Market survey researchers earn more or less the same as regular market researchers, though there are some slight differences in the way they earn their paycheck in general. The annual salary for a market survey manager can range between $51,000 – $93,000, and the large gap comes from the different conditions present at different companies around the world. In some cases, the job involves a lot of duties that need to be tended to at all times, but also offers substantial compensation in return.