A public relations (PR) specialist is a type of worker hired at a company’s PR department where they help the other specialists working there in order to develop a good, solid image for that company or improve its current one. Additionally, PR specialists may sometimes be tasked with finding ways to remove any stains on the company’s name, as well as handle other problems related to its public image. Public relations specialists usually tailor their operations to the public’s needs very carefully.

Becoming a public relations specialist takes at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as journalism, communications, or public relations. The job can take quite a lot of experience in the field of public relations in general, and can be very demanding to newcomers – on the other hand, it can also provide a lot of opportunity for further career development, and is thus seen as an attractive career option by a large number of people.

PR specialists earn less than their managers, understandably – the average salary for one ranges between $33,000 – $56,000. The specific size of the salary is mostly influenced by the company that provides the employment, as many companies are able to pay significantly more to their PR specialists than others. It can definitely pay for a candidate to look into the market before deciding to take up this career path, as the results can be quite variable depending on the location where the job is practiced.