An anchorman/woman is also called a “news anchor”, regardless of gender. Anchormen/women are broadcast journalists who entertain and inform a large television viewing audience. They work with producers and directors with the goal of attracting the largest possible audience because the larger the size of the audience, the higher the TV station’s revenue. Job duties of an anchorman/woman include reading news, interviewing guests, and opening and closing programs.

To be an anchorman/woman, one must have an innate interest in people and current events. He or she must also be intelligent and inquisitive and quick to ask questions that draw the most relevant and interesting answers. He or she must have excellent communication skills and be able to meet deadlines.

A degree in broadcast journalism is usually expected of aspiring anchormen/women. Relevant courses that an aspiring anchorman/woman should take include media studies, writing and communication, and information law and policy. Media studies expose one to the ins and outs of all aspects of media, which includes print, digital forms, photographic, and oral. Information Law and Policy courses teach on laws related to journalistic and creative writing. This is important to aspiring anchormen/women so they will know the lines, how data are licensed and legally protected, and have more information on privacy laws and international policies. Writing and communication courses improve one’s grammar and how one communicates to a person and to an audience.

The income of an anchorman/woman largely depends on one’s experience, popularity, and the popularity of the show one works for.