A radio operator is a person who’s hired to work on the radio equipment at a company or another institution. Typically, the radio operator does their job by receiving incoming transmissions and sending out signals as requested by their employees; additionally, radio operators may be required to re-adjust the radio signals in order to switch to a different frequency. Radio operators are sometimes also tasked with repairing the equipment they’re operating, which can be quite a complicated task in some cases.

Becoming a radio operator doesn’t require a specific degree (beside a high school diploma), as most of the skills required to perform the job are learned in the course of employment. A good sense of working with electric and electronic devices is required, and optionally some particular knowledge of radio equipment (or even prior working experience related to it). Since radio operators are sometimes responsible for repairs, the job may require specific education for that which is often provided by employers themselves.

Radio operators don’t tend to enjoy relatively high salaries – in general, the pay rate for the position is between $15,000 – $35,000. This is explained by the low requirements attached to the job, as well as the low effort required to practice it properly. On the other hand, those who’re more frequently tasked with maintenance duties may find themselves earning considerably more than the average person on this job.