A television camera operator is a type of video camera operator who works at a TV studio, and is tasked with recording shows and other types of footage. A television camera operator may either work live or in recording mode, and many TV studios have their own dedicated operators for each of the two types of filming – though it’s also not uncommon for experienced TV camera operators to be able to work in both styles. A good TV camera operator does their job by moving the camera around the set, recording the required footage and then submitting it to an editor for processing.

Getting hired as a television camera operator can be highly challenging, depending on the TV studio one wants to work at – in some cases, it may not take any degree at all (save for a high school diploma), while other companies are only looking for candidates with at least a Bachelor’s in a field related to filming, or from a filming school in general. Many TV studios are very strict in their requirements towards their operators, too.

Television camera operators don’t traditionally earn that much compared to other employees in a TV studio – in most cases, the salary for one would range between $29,000 – $59,000, and the job doesn’t have many additional bonuses and benefits either. On the other hand, it offers good prospects for progressing upwards and getting better employment in the TV studio, though one needs to be quite skilled in order to shine against the hefty competition that’s usually attached to this job.