A medical scientist is a broad term for a scientist who concentrates their research in the field of medicine, advancing the knowledge of living organisms and how to prevent and fight diseases more efficiently. A medical scientist is usually primarily concerned with the way viruses operate so that they can be combated more efficiently, but may also be hired to work on a variety of different projects, as numerous companies commonly require the services of medical scientists for their own purposes.

Getting a job as a medical scientist doesn’t require a degree in medicine, as it’s not a physician type job. It does, however, require a degree related to science in some way – for example, an engineering or chemistry/biology degree. In some cases, a Bachelor’s may not even be enough and candidates may need a Master’s degree to get hired on their desired positions. Furthermore, the job can be highly demanding in some cases but the rewards for practicing it well can be substantial too, making it an attractive choice.

Medical scientists tend to earn moderately well, as far as scientists in general are concerned. With an annual salary that spans between $48,000 – $120,000, the job is seen as a highly-paid one, though it also has a substantial amount of work attached to it for the most part, especially when participating in high-profile research that takes a lot of time and manpower to complete. It should also be noted that medical scientists have a lot of potential for earning bonuses due to the nature of their work.