A soil scientist is a type of scientist directly concerned with the conservation and organization of soil resources. A soil scientist would typically work for the government, though some private companies also employ the services of those specialists for various purposes. Soil scientists usually collect data about the environment and the concentration of its various soil types, and organizes that data into a presentable manner. Additionally, a soil scientist may be more concerned with the organization of soil into categories, rather than its preservation and conservation.

There are specific degrees in the field of soil science, and a Bachelor’s is the minimum requirement to get hired on the job in most cases. A soil scientist wouldn’t typically find it difficult to find reliable employment with the right qualifications, as the job is highly sought after and popular in many areas and sectors, mostly in the industrial ones. A good soil scientist typically has very good prospects for further career development.

Soil scientists earn moderately well, as far as most types of jobs are concerned – though the salary does tend to be a bit low by the standards of most scientists, on the other hand. A soil scientist usually earns between $51,000 – $75,000, and even though the job has some good additional bonuses related to it, such as healthcare and other benefits, it still doesn’t have some of the good perks of some other attractive jobs in the science sector, making it less popular overall.