A psychologist, by definition, is a scientist who’s involved with studying the human mind, and more specifically concerned with behavior-related problems. Psychologists spend their careers researching into problems related to the human mind, and trying to determine their causes and discover ways to remove them. A psychologist usually does their job using a variety of methods, such as conducting tests on their patients, performing experiments in laboratories, and having people participate in public studies in order to determine patterns and other important facts.

Becoming a psychologist can be extremely challenging in some areas, due to the harsh competition involved in the discipline. A candidate for a psychologist needs a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or a similar field, and in some cases even a Master’s one. Those who wish to perform private counseling or work in clinics doing the same thing will need to earn a Doctorate in psychology, which would also allow them to work in teaching positions related to the field, as well as participate in research.

A psychologist usually earns between $70,000 – $96,000 a year, depending primarily on their place of employment. In general, those who practice for large-scale corporations, as well as those who work privately for wealthy customers, are able to secure the highest salaries of all – and the job has the benefit of being extremely easy to switch professions and still utilize the same skillset, giving those who practice it a lot of options for their career development.