A psychotherapist is a professional psychologist who works with patients and provides them mental relief and solutions to problems related to their mental state. A psychotherapist typically conducts their activity by evaluating the person’s current state and trying to figure out what factors in their lives have lead to the development of that particular mental condition, and then work towards removing the harmful influences. In some cases, psychotherapists can work with the same patient for years until their problems have been resolved.

Becoming a psychotherapist requires a degree in psychology, understandably – and also a license in order to practice the particular job of a psychotherapist. A good psychotherapist must be able to listen to their patients’ problems and evaluate them properly, and be able to make connections to previous cases which may prove useful in defeating the particular problem that’s troubling the current patient. Expert knowledge in psychology is a must.

Psychotherapists normally earn less than general psychologists, which can be quite puzzling – the average salary for the position is between $40,000 – $75,000, and the job’s working hours tend to be less flexible as well. However, this is easily explainable when you consider that a psychotherapist is applying their skills to a very small specific set of uses, whereas a psychologist can apply them to a broader range of options, making the job a more flexible one and giving more options to those who practice it.