The job of social scientists is to study human behavior, especially with regards to groups and layers of society. Social scientists are commonly involved in a variety of projects and their services are highly sought after by numerous companies and organizations, as they’ve continuously proven to be of great use for the correct development of any business plan or company. Social scientists do their jobs in a variety of ways, typically by conducting market research and studying the behavior of people with regards to whatever their employers may be interested in.

At least a Master’s degree in social studies is required to become successful as a social scientist, and even that may not be enough in some cases, depending on the particular location of employment one is after. Some companies require Doctorates from their candidates and would refuse to hire anyone with a lower degree, while on the other hand some other companies are much more willing to hire candidates with lower educational qualifications.

Social scientists are moderately well-paid by most standards, receiving an average annual salary of $52,000 – $60,000. The bonuses attached to the job are traditionally good, though the specific details may differ from place to place, as employers look differently upon the job. In some opinions, the working conditions and the salary don’t justify the amount of effort involved in getting the job, though it tends to be rewarding in other aspects, which is the primary reason it’s retained its popularity.