A social service assistant performs various duties accompanying social workers on their jobs. The specific tasks that a social service assistant could be charged with can vary to a great extent, depending on the location of one’s employment and the places they visit. Social service assistants commonly work with people of different ages and interests, from children to adults, under the supervision of experienced social service workers. Typically, several social service assistants are assigned to one worker, though there are exceptions of assistants working in pairs with workers.

Getting a job as a social service assistant isn’t difficult, as most of the requirements lie in one’s personality and not in any specific qualifications. Characteristics like a friendly personality, helpful nature and the ability to assist people with their problems promptly are always beneficial to candidates for a job as a social service assistant, and additionally it pays to look into the local job market as well, as some locations tend to be notably more favorable for the job than others.

Social service assistants receive moderately good salaries, with the median for 2009 being $49,000. The job additionally has some good, flexible working hours attached to it which can make it an even more attractive choice for those who’re qualified to take it. The aspect of qualification can be a bit problematic at times due to the varying requirements from one employer to the other, but if one’s generally well-versed in the job they should have no problems obtaining further employment.