A sociologist’s job is to study people and their behavior, especially in regards to groups. Sociologists are concerned with how people interact between each other in group environments, and how they can apply their knowledge to improve society and the functioning of its layers. Sociologists usually begin their studies at the roots of a society group – where and how it has developed, how it’s progressed and what its outlook is for the future. It’s also common for sociologists to become teachers in their field, working at colleges and universities.

To get hired as a sociologist, one needs to complete the entire educational process involved in the job, obtaining a doctorate in sociology in the end. In some cases, a candidate may not need to go so far, as for example some colleges accept candidates with just a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, though the payment and other conditions tend to vary greatly between different levels of education, and it’s advisable to obtain a high degree in order to get the best options available.

As a sociologist, one can earn a salary of between $32,000 – $54,000, depending mainly on the place of employment – though of course personal qualifications also play a considerable role. A good sociologist is usually able to progress in their career at a fast rate and find further employment very quickly, though unfortunately the job doesn’t have a very high earning ceiling, making extra effort somewhat useless – again, depending mostly on where one’s currently being employed at.