A therapist is a professional psychologist who provides therapeutic services to their patients. Therapists work with patients on a private basis in most cases, scheduling specific hours for their appointments. A typical therapist appointment involves the patient describing their psychological issues to the therapist, who then proceeds to analyze them and prescribe a course of treatment so that the patient can live an undisturbed life. Therapists commonly work on their own, though they may be complemented by secretaries or other assistants.

Getting to be a therapist takes a degree in psychology – usually advancing all the way to a Doctorate – and a lot of experience related to the field. A good therapist must be well-educated and knowledgeable in various matters related to psychology, and especially be familiar with previous cases to which they can draw similarities in the course of their treatment procedures. Good therapists must be patient and calm, as well as well-mannered.

The job of a therapist tends to be moderately well-rewarding, paying an average salary of $40,000 – $76,000 in most cases. Often, therapists see a huge potential for progressing further as they increase their skills and experience, though it’s not uncommon for the job to become extremely challenging later on as patients start to expect more from their therapist and the sessions start becoming more involved and demanding. Therapists usually have good opportunities for further career development, too.