A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a company is responsible for managing the company’s technological assets, upgrading and replacing systems where needed. The job is similiar to that of a Chief Information Officer, the main difference being that a CIO works exclusively with information systems, while a CTO’s job covers all of the technology in a company, not just the information-related. A CTO is the person who decides on a company’s internal policies for utilizing technology, and is also responsible for the proper organization of the company’s technological infrastructure. If the company specializes in technology in its business, the CTO usually heads their own team within the company that’s tasked with a certain aspect of development.

To become a CTO, one needs to display good knowledge of computers and technology in general – which includes performing maintenance on electronic systems with little to no front-end user interface access, working with electrical circuits, as well as be able to evaluate newcomers and assess their skills properly. Usually, a Bachelor’s in either computer science or computer engineering will be required, as well as prior working experience that involves technology.

A CTO has a higher earning potential than a CIO in most cases, and their average annual salaries can range between $110,000 and $210,000. Generally, a CTO with a few years of experience will become a very valued asset and will be able to find new employment with ease. A CTO also receives good additional bonuses.