A computer repairer works at a computer shop or at a computer manufacturer company, performing maintenance and repairs on computer systems. The job involves several steps, starting with an analysis of the problem. From then on, the computer repairer may either work on the hardware or software of the machine, as decided by the outcome of the initial examination. Computer repairers may sometimes be required to fix parts of a computer instead of replacing them, such as fixing broken fans and wiring.

Experience and knowledge of computers is the primary deciding factor for getting employed as a computer repairer. Most of the skills required for the job are attained over the course of employment, though many candidates are able to demonstrate extensive knowledge due to having a hobbyist interest in computers – and this has lately become an expectation from most employers, especially manufacturing companies. Higher degrees of education rarely play an important role in getting employed as a computer repairer.

Computer repair technicians tend to not be paid very highly, even for more complicated repair procedures. The low qualifications for the job and the generally high availability of potential employees dictates a low pay rate of around $30,000 – $38,000. In cases where the repairer is employed by a large computer manufacturer, their salary could go as high as $45,000. Though experience plays a vital role in obtaining the job, it doesn’t attribute to the salary that much, and the prospects for career development are usually very low.