Electronics mechanics work with electronic equipment, specializing in repair and maintenance procedures. An electronics mechanic will frequently be tasked with analyzing a machine, such as a computer, determining all of its problems and preparing it to be worked on by a specialist electronics repairman. Electronics mechanics are frequently part of a larger team tasked with repairing and maintaining electronics equipment, and may sometimes be responsible for the training of newcomers and even the recruitment procedure to some extent.

Becoming an electronics mechanic is dependent mostly on one’s skills and not so much on their qualifications, and it’s not rare for candidates to find employment in some larger companies based solely on their experience and knowledge, without having any educational qualifications. On the other hand, some institutions do offer specialized training courses related to the job of an electronics mechanic, though most of the skills taught at those courses are usually attained by mechanics in the course of their employment.

Considering the low educational requirements for the job, the annual salary of $40,000 – $60,000 is commonly seen as an attractive one, though the workload is often quite high for electronics mechanics. The complexity involved in solving some of the more advanced issues has lead to a high turnover rate in the market, which however has also spawned a large demand for professionals in the field. Electronics mechanics are valued especially greatly by some major corporations, which are known for paying substantially higher than the industry average to their more productive employees.