A mapping engineer’s job is related to the creation and analysis of maps. The job can be highly complicated in some cases, depending on the particular type of map being created, and can require a lot of dedication from its practitioners. Typically, a mapping engineer would collect data (commonly using technicians for the purpose), and analyze the data in order to create accurate visual representations of a region’s topography. In some cases, the mapping engineer could be hired to map out specific points of interest in a region, such as the location of various valuable resources.

As the title of the job implies, it requires an engineering degree to practice. Not every university that teaches engineering disciplines features the subject of mapping engineering, so the job can be attained with a different type of engineering degree in most cases. Computer engineering, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering are usually acceptable degrees for getting the job.

A mapping engineer can earn quite well, something traditional for most engineering positions. The job can score a salary of between $54,000 – $86,000 a year, depending mostly on the type of maps the engineer is working on, as well as the size of their team (if there is one involved). Additionally, mapping engineers are frequently tasked with additional duties related to their job, which can be compensated accordingly by the employer, and usually are, leading to quite a high average salary for mapping engineers in general.