A project engineer is a person responsible for the low-level organization and development of a project, which can include a variety of tasks. Project engineers usually call and head meetings between all the members on a particular project, in order to collect new information which can be relevant to the research, and develop the future ideas for the project. Project engineers would also work on highly detailed instructions for the staff, in order to be able to coordinate everyone as best as possible in accordance to their views on the project.

Getting a job as a project engineer is quite challenging as it requires both an engineering degree (in some cases a Master’s may be required), as well as a high level of knowledge in the related field and a good overview of the practices behind the development of projects related to that engineer’s field. Most companies look at a candidate’s years of experience when judging their worthiness, and those with less than 10 years can find it quite challenging to get employed in most cases.

A project engineer has a relatively high earning potential, similar to most other engineers – an annual salary of between $60,000 – $95,000 is the most common one. One of the best things about the job is the flexibility of its working hours – typically, these are subject to a lot of change by the engineer, so those who practice the job can adjust their schedules very efficiently in most cases. This is one of the factors (combined with the high salary) which make the job a very popular career choice.