A QA (quality assurance) engineer is a type of professional responsible for the development and supervision of QA procedures, as well as their proper implementation in the company’s working system. The QA engineer would typically do their job by first developing a well-structured testing procedure, in order to ensure that all aspects of the company’s product are looked into and there’s no room for error in the process. After that, the QA engineer would usually oversee the process of QA testing in order to make sure that everything’s in order.

A degree in engineering is required to become a QA engineer everywhere – a Bachelor’s is usually enough, and the specific type of the degree depends entirely on the type of job being applied for – that is, if the candidate is applying for a job as a QA engineer in a company that manufactures computers, a degree in Computer Engineering can usually suit their application just fine. In addition, some companies may require previous working experience in a similar environment.

A QA engineer’s salary would usually be quite high – around $80,000 – $95,000 is the most typical case. The high salary is dictated by several factors, including the deep knowledge required to practice the job well, as well as the level of involvement it requires from those who try to be really successful at it. On the other hand, a QA engineer’s job offers various extra benefits and incentives that can make it an even more attractive choice.