A technical writer is a type of professional writer hired to create various design and technical documents, typically related to the development of a technological product. Technical writers are commonly hired to write the documentation of computer programs, the manuals of machines, and other similar tasks – and they may be tasked with creating and organizing legal documents related to a technical product of their company. Technical writers commonly work in teams, and are required to adjust their styles between each other to achieve a consistent one.

Getting hired as a technical writer doesn’t always take a high educational degree, though candidates for the job can certainly benefit from one, depending on their desired company of employment. In many cases, a technical writer would actually need at least a Bachelor’s degree related to the field of operation of the company they wish to be hired at, and it’s not uncommon for companies to require previous working experience on a more technical field as well.

The salary of a technical writer can vary between $41,000 – $71,000 in most cases, being mostly affected by the place of employment. A good technical writer can easily get promoted and receive hefty bonuses on top of what they typically earn, though they must have exceptional skills in order to get there in the first place. Most technical writers who become highly skilled are usually renowned and sought after by employers, and become valued assets of companies they work at.