Telecommunications equipment installers work for telecommunications companies, and they perform on-site installation procedures of various devices and pieces of equipment – for example, they may be required to install an antenna on a rooftop, or perform something simpler, like connect a new client to the network and set up their phone correctly. Telecommunications equipment installers frequently work in teams, and the job sometimes poses a health risk to those who practice it, due to the nature of some installations – e.g. it’s common to work at great heights with relatively little support.

To become a telecommunications equipment installer, one typically needs a high school diploma. The particular additional requirements will depend on the company in question – some companies may require Bachelor’s degrees in a field related to telecommunications from candidates for the position at their companies, while in other cases it may simply take enough prior working experience on a similar position.

A telecommunications equipment installer’s average salary ranges between $35,000 – $58,000 a year. Many telecommunications companies are willing to pay substantial additional bonuses to their employees, especially health-related ones – though the job also poses the appropriate health hazards to justify those bonuses. Those who work as telecommunications equipment installers generally state that the job is paid well enough for the amount of effort involved, though the working hours tend to be longer than expected in some cases.