An amusement machine repairman ensures that various amusement machines such as slot machines, juke boxes, video games, pinball machines, and more are functioning properly. They inspect the parts of the machine such as the joysticks and inner mechanisms to make sure the games remain fair and accurate. Other job duties include repairing and replacing malfunctioning parts and rebuilding existing equipment. If a machine breaks down, an amusement machine repairman inspects the problem through the use of hand held diagnostic computers. Usually they replace a circuit board or other basic component to fix the problem. If the problem is not easily determined or fixed, they use testing devices and refer to technical manuals. Unsolvable machine problems mean the machine must be taken to the repair shop.

Amusement machine repairmen often work 40 hours a week and receive premium for overtime. To be an amusement machine repairman, one must be very honest because amusement machines hold thousands of dollars in merchandise and cash. They must also have a driver’s license so that they can easily drive to a repair shop or buy necessary tools. In terms of education, a high school degree is usually fine but a background in electricity, refrigeration, and machine repair are an advantage. Some vocational high schools and junior colleges offer short training programs in basic electronics.

In 1998, amusement machine repairmen earned an average of $11.18 per hour. Those who worked in states with some form of legalized gaming (such as Las Vegas) tend to have the highest earnings.