An author writes content, either for him/herself (such as a book author), or for publishing in a given regular edition, like a magazine or newspaper. Authors are professional writers who may sometimes create content to be published under another person’s name, in which case the author is specifically called a “ghost writer”. Authors can be found in all spheres of the job market, as written content is in high demand and often calls to be created by a professional, or a team of professionals.

Becoming an author holds no special requirements if one is planning on publishing books or other works – the only condition in this case is for the author’s skills to be sufficiently advanced so that their work would be accepted by a publishing agency, something which is a common problem for some authors. Those who wish to find employment at a company that specializes in writing and releasing content, such as a magazine, may be required to present some form of formal education in literature or a related field, and additionally display a portfolio with enough previous written works to demonstrate their skills.

An author’s compensation can vary immensely depending on numerous factors, from the type of work they’re writing to its quality. The general range is between $30,000 – $70,000, and some of the higher-paid authors are those who release successful private works. Some working in more prestigious magazines can also earn a lot.