An automotive body repairer is a car mechanic that specializes in repairing vehicles in a cosmetic aspect. This includes repairing a vehicle’s body after a road incident, making a modification to it, or performing a regular maintenance check. An automotive body repairer will normally work by finding dents and evening them out, fixing scratches, and replacing all of the parts that are damaged beyond repair. Additionally, they may work with the client to discuss any potential changes to the car’s looks and finalize the repair plans with them.

An automotive body repairer must be a skilled technician but also have a sense of style and vision, as their work directly influences the vehicle’s visuals. Background experience in automotive repairs is a must, as the work often extends to an internal component of the vehicle. Artistic vision is usually a benefit, and the candidate must be able to demonstrate a good skill of fixing a car’s technical problems without damaging it visually any further. Good skills in fixing various damaged parts are also a plus, as it’s usually the preferred course of action by clients, as opposed to outright replacing the parts.

The median wage for an auto body repairer can be very different depending on the location of employment. The median in some states for 2009 was around $30,000, while some other states saw annual wages as high as $55,000. Generally, an auto body repairer will receive additional compensation for extra work they’re doing in the shop, such as helping out on unrelated projects.