Bicycle couriers are employed by companies for transmitting various pieces of information within the company’s organization, and in some cases outside it. The courier will receive their message either directly from a superior, or by receiving instructions on where to pick up the item from. Bicycle couriers are often used for transporting items like hard drives and other data containers between buildings of the same company, as it’s usually easier and more convenient to send the information via a courier instead of transmitting it online. Additionally, a courier is used when the information being sent is of high importance and its delivery needs to be more formal and personal.

A courier will be required to present a high school diploma in most cases, though some smaller companies may choose to omit that requirement. The bicycle for the job may be provided by the company or the candidate may be required to bring his own, which is also a condition that varies strongly between companies. The courier must have extensive knowledge of the area they operate in, and be able to quickly find alternate routes when their main ones are unavailable.

A bicycle courier’s job is rarely a permanent one, and thus annual compensations are a moot point in regards to it. Generally, the pay varies greatly according to the number of packages the courier delivers daily, and the general rate of pay varies between $50 and $150 daily. Bicycle couriers aren’t compensated for health and dental insurance, which adds further strain on the employee.