A bookbinder is responsible for collecting and arranging a printed work’s contents and preparing the product for actual distribution. This normally involves taking a stack of loose pages, perforating and then binding them together using a variety of methods as required by the specific job at hand. Some bookbinders use traditional methods like tying the books together with strings, while others rely on more conventional methods such as paper glue. Bookbinders will frequently be tasked with binding different types of printed works, such as magazines and hardback books.

A high degree of education is not required for becoming a book binder, and in most cases a high school diploma is sufficient. A bookbinder will usually be asked to undergo a special training course that covers the specific details of the type of binding they’ll be performing, and in some cases it’s better for the candidate if they undergo the course before graduating high school as this allows them to get employed as soon as they’ve obtained their high school diploma. Bookbinders should do their best to familiarize themselves with as many types of binding processes as possible, as this expands their career options.

A bookbinder can be a low-paying or high-paying job depending on their place of employment. The standard annual wage is around $30,000, with some of the lower-paid bookbinders earning under $20,000 per year, while some of the more successful ones are able to make nearly $50,000. Bookbinders that work with more sophisticated equipment are usually compensated adequately for their extra effort.